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Friday, August 17, 2007

Garden blues, vintage hat boxes, more soldered pendants and a give away!

In August I always get the garden blues, because knowing that the beauty of my little garden is going to be over soon makes me kind of blue, so today I like to share with you my dear readers and blogging friends some blue pictures of my August summer garden and seeing that most of you said that you like my mixed posts I'd also like to show you some vintage hat boxes I've recently got and my latest soldered charms and pendants, seen in the picture above as well as in the pictures at the end of this long post. I know it's a lot of pictures to load but if you refresh the site it loads faster, this is my experience and I promise you that you'll not be deceived! There'll also be a give away in this post for you!

The white pelargonia and the blue hydrangea are looking so fresh together:

Some late blooming pink poppies making a nice contrast to the blue glass ball as well as to the the blue watering can:

In the pictures below is deep blue Aconitum blooming in my big border:

And not to forget the beautiful light blue summer sky with fluffy white clouds over my little garden:

Now what is the red thing hidden behind my David Austin rose "Wenlock" ??

It is a beautiful vintage hat box from around 1920 and there even is an original vintage chapeau clac (Zylinder) hidden in the box!

And this is another gorgeous vintage hat box!

So how did I get those boxes? Well last weekend I told my mum about a gorgeous vintage hat box with a black chapeau clac which I had seen at the flea market but couldn't afford to buy, she went in the house and after a while came back with these gorgeous old boxes and gave them to me! She had them stored somewhere at her wardrobe. Woohooo! :D I'm such a happy bunny now! Thank you mum! After the garden photo shoot I've displayed them in my studio, close to my vintage mannequin. Click picture to enlarge and see more details!

Talking about my studio here is a shot of some things I've gathered for the soldered jewelry making which became my new passion of lately:

And here are my latest soldered charms and pendants, all two sided!

Did I mention to you that thanks to my dear blogging friend Ullabenulla I can now make these beautiful scalloped edges too? This is so much fun! Thank you so much Ulla! :D

Well and lastly I like to announce another give away drawing firstly because it's quite a while ago now that I did one and secondly because I like to thank you my dear blogging friends and readers for your friendship, inspirations and faithfulness for almost 2 years now! I started this blog in September 2005 and since then have made so many wonderful friends all over the world and I'm really thankful for this awesome blogging community that we are, it feels so good being a part of it! All you have to do is leave me a comment under this post and you're automatically in the drawing for one of my two sides pendants. I'll let you chose the one you like best! Good luck!!

Oh and I have another magazine swap to propose, I'm such an eye candy magazine addict (like most of you artful bloggers) and you US guys have so many gorgeous magazines that I see on your blogs and which I'd love to get like Artful Blogger, Somerset Home, The Foof-a-life and not to forget that Victoria magazine everyone is talking about and which is supposed to come out soon! So if someone of you would like to do a magazine swap with me I'd be really happy! I'll send you copies of our most beautiful German eye candy home & garden & craft magazines in return, or if you like I'll make you an art supply parcel with German crepe paper, Dresden borders and Victorian scraps. Just let me know what you'd prefer!

Have a happy and creative weekend everyone!

Hugs Carol(a) xox

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Delightful summer pinks and purples & an art party!

Hello again dear readers and blogging friends!

I know that I have promised you a garden photo post today, but I have to make this a devided post now because I also like to participate in Artsy Mama Kari's "artful blogger party" which she is hosting over @ her blog today, open for artsy bloggers from all over the world! So stay tuned for a very long blog today lol!

I recently made a few things for the "Marie Antoinette Swap" (hosted by my finnish blogging friend Delila from Sepia Art Studio) which I like to show you today:

First there is this Marie inspired collage hanger made on a one piece cake paper plate which I've painted in my fave turquoise color and glued a pretty paper on, then I've glittered the edges and lastly I've embellished it with golden Dresdens papers, charms, bouillon, brads, a mother of pearl button and a millinery flower.

Then I've made a box for all the goodies I've gathered for my swap partner because I so love beautiful packaging and think it is as important as the gifts itselfs:

I chose a picture of Madame de Pompadour for the box because I find this especially pretty:

Another thing that I made to put in the Madame de Pompadour box is this soldered Marie-Antoinette jewelry pendant which I've already showed you in my last post:

Well that's it about art blogging for today but now it's time to go back to the garden!

My Garden is literally full of pretty pinks and purples at the moment which I like to share with all the garden lovers amongst you:

Above is a tiny pink carnation and below a pink Hibiscus syracus:

A purple bird ball on the table and pink is my pink pot ladder with a pot of pink flowers of course lol

Purple Petunias in a hanging basket above and Pelargonium with Heliotrop on one of my tables on the deck:

The purple Heliotrop is also called Vanilla Flower here in Germany because it scents so wonderfully Vanilla like hmmmmm

In the picture below you see one of my Phlox flowers:

And in the next picture you can see my purple grapevine. The grapes are already ripe now:

This pink beauty is Anemone japonica:

I have planted pink Diascia in the the turquoise pot, because it is on of my fave color combinations:

This is a deeper pink Diascia in a clay pot on my potting table:

Then there are more different Phloxes blooming right now:

And snapdragons in different pinks too:

Lastly my provence rose "Elle" is blooming in a gorgeous pink right now, sometimes they are more orange, the colors change with the weather:

And last but not least the pink Cottage rose is also blooming again:

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of my summergarden pink and purples and will come back visiting me again!

Carol(a) xox


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