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Friday, November 09, 2007

Nature decorations

Hello dear blogging friends and readers I'm glad that you came back to see what's new!

I was at my parents house this afternoon and took photos of my mums seasonal decorations well and I thought maybe some of you would like to see them?

Colorful patio decoration even at this dark time of the year mostly done with natures givings like cones, apples, moss, cyclamen, and branches of vine, dogwood and other bushes and trees:

Birds and Birdouses always a favorite patio decoration (click pictures to enlarge and see more details):

Beautiful cones are decorated inside the house as well:

Don't you just love the wreath of red dogwood branches together with the red cyclamen flowers and big pine cones in the basket?

Red glass ball in a moss nest:

More wreathes from nature materials only:

I'm all inspired now to do my own nature decorations tomorrow. Last Sunday we were in the woods and I have gathered all the necessary nature materials :)
Have a beautiful weekend everyone and hopefully you feel inspired to do some nature decorations as well!
Hugs Carol(a) xox


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