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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New creations in felt, paper/cardboard and solder!

click on photo to enlarge it in full size

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blog friends and readers!
I have some sparkling new creations to share with you today.

I'm still making these paper weights with moving parts inside, in the photo above I took a picture of them on my new pressed glass cake stand with pretty scalloped edging. The one in the picture below is custom made for my private swap with Sylvie of Babaprincesse.

The backside is covered with flocked wallpaper to safe the table from scratches.

Then next you'll see my work on the left and the beautiful shadow box on the right is the lovely work from my flickr friend Colleen Baptista. She sent it to me with directions on how to make these shadow boxes, so I that can make some too. Thanks again dear Colleen for your generosity and for sharing the "How to do's" with me!

This week was my goddaughters 18th birthday and I thought you'd might like to see what I made for her:

I had fun making her the scrabble tile Happy Birthday piece above spelling her full name and also the soldered pendant in the next photo:

She called me today to tell me how much she loves her new necklace and that all her friends finds it very stylish :)

I also made her this turquoise pendant for her room window with her initial letter inside. It sparkels wonderful in the ligth when it hangs in a window and moves a bit.

I recycled a paper glass protector cap (which I saved in a hotel on my latest journey to Greece ) for it and embellished it to my hearts content:

Think I'll create more of these ornaments because I can imagine them being very pretty Christmas ornaments as well. Speaking about ornaments leads me to the first photo in this post and to my latest etsy purchase the book "Pretty little felts" from Julie Collings. It's my new fave book after "Pretty little things" from Sally Jean and after my addiction to soldering jewelry I feel a new addiction to felt crafts coming up! Julie has a gorgeous style, really one of a kind and inspired me very much. See the ornament in the left lower corner of this photo? The template for it is in the book and I used it to make the ornament on top of this post. Julie also signed her book for me personally and sent me some of her pretty supplies which I simply love!

As always all my photos are clickable to enlarge them to see all the details!
The first project from Julie's beautiful book that I realised was the vintage felt fairy girl in the next picture:

And Julie also inspired me to start wool felting and making this little fellow after my own design.
May I introduce you to Mr. Frosty?

Another person who inspired me to create him is Crystal Hanehan from Vintage by Crystal. I simply adore all her whimsical spun cotton and cotton batting creations!
I'd be thrilled if you'd leave me some comments on what you thinik of my latest creations and tell me what are you working on at the moment?
Now I have to leave you again and keep creating, it's a pity that the weekend is almost over and I have to hurry up to finish some more creations.
See you again soon I guess!
Hugs Carola xox

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In the mood for crafts & swaps with template and challenge for you!

Hello my dear readers,

today I have to admit that I already got into the mood for Christmas swaps and crafts. How about you? Do you think that I start to early? Well seeing that we skip Halloween and Thanksgiving here in Germany Christmas is the next upcoming holiday here an it's only 9 weeks away, which is not far when you like to craft a lot for it.
I made these skates in January 2006 and also posted them here on my blog at the time:

Now on Thursday I bought a German Magazine called Living & More and found almost the same paper skates in it, see my following scan (should enlarge when you click on it):

Well I think it's kind of spooky how much they resemble the skates I made 2 years ago, even in the color/pattern mix. Can it be that they saw my skates and got inspired? Anyway I felt challenged to create a new pair using the template they provided:

But this time I used totally different materials like Vintage sheet music, a silhouette picture from my daughter when she was still 3 years old, pompom fringes, German Dresden foil borders, velvet flowers from Cerri, rhinestone jewelry from the flea market, bonjour satin boarder from Andrea, a fabric yoyo from Anita, a pink metall bell, ricrac boarder and so on.

I like better that I made them two sided this time so that they can hang from a branch or a bird cage in my case and look good from both sides:

They came out totally different I think but pretty nonetheless, or what do you think?

I had so much fun embellishing them:

Now I'd like to challenge you to make your own pair of skates too! If you'd like to play along, here is the template from the magazine. Please show them on your blog with a link to this post and let me know under this post when you have finished a pair, can't wait to see your ideas!
I also did a well kind of Christmas swap already with my flickr friend Sylvie from Babaprincesse and she spoiled me with 3 fabulous fabric Christmas stockings from her own design which I love (cklick on the photos to enlarge them and see more details):

She also made me a mini fabric bunting garland, so sweet:

Thank you dear Sylvie it was a pleasure to swap with you again!
What else did I craft in the last two weeks? Well my daughter once bought a box of simple cardboard drawers from IKEA for 3 Euros, they were blue, so I painted them white inside and out before altering them with wallpapers and tea stained "Toile de Jouy" papers that I got send in our last swap from my sweet friend Madai over at Wren Cottage. I also used some silver German Dresden foil boarders:

Of course I'll use them for storage in my studio.

Further I finished some soldered jewelry pendants. For the next one I had to use the scan of my daughters silhouette again, inspired by Andreas new Logo of Onehundred wishes. A silhouette artist from our Medieval Christmas market in Bremen created this silhouette from Roxanne when she was almost 4 years old:

The next two sided belveded glass pendant has a Dresden silver foil bird on one side:

and the Eiffel tower on the other side (Eiffel tower sticker is from a swap with my dutch friend LiLi M) I just doodled a bit around the sticker:

This one is for the swap with Sylvie, the little girl is a scan from a vintage photo card I bought from our Bremen flea market last year:

And I also finished off some pendants from a collage I created some weeks ago:

"Good things happen when you go for it" is a saying I used in one of the pendants and I'll try to make this my new motto!

I guess that's all for now, or no wait, there is one more thing! If there is anyone out there in the US/Canadian blogland who'd be interested in a special private swap with me, that would be fab! I have to give the latest issue of a German Crafts and Living magazine, as well as a German Country Living magazine and one of my soldered pendants of your choice and would wish so much for the new Somerset publication of "Where women create" which I read, should be on your newsstands on November 1st. If you are interested please let me know here or email me.
Have a great Sunday and new week evereyone!
Hugs xox Carola

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A winner, fall deco and Athens

Hello dear friends and readers, I'm back from Athens since a week today but haven't found time for a new post yet. I catched a cold while coming home to Hamburg airport from the pleasingly warm Greek weather to a wet and windy very autumnal German weather in thin summer clothes and naked feet in sandals *Duh me*

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my 3 years blogiversary post! The overall favorite photo was the Venezian balcony, followed by the close up of the Doge's palace and the Venezian pink lanters/silhouette photo. I think that's perfect because those are my faves too! :) And without further ado I announce the winner now, chosen by a random number generator (P.S.: sorry dear Daisy and Tyra, but you were a bit too late, I closed comments at No. 56 this morning), congratulations to you Miss Mary:

Before I'll show you some photos of Athens, I thought you might be interested to see some photos of my current fall decoration. I like the cosy evenings inside while outside it's wet and windy, with candles lit giving my home a warm shine.

The photo above (click to enlarge) I shot just a few days ago, when I took out the plane tree balls which I picked of a plane tree ( European plane Platanus x hispanica Muenchh., you 'll find a close up pic of one here: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bild:London_plane_flower.jpg ) in Athens and decorated them over my bird cage and around the white pumpkin. They are dry and quite hard and last for many years. I love using them for decorations, but they are ususally hanging far to high to reach them, so in Athens I had the luck to find a tree where they hung deep enough and I had my huge collegues help me pulling them down for me.

The pictures above I think reflects this cosy time of the year so well. I put dry artichocke heads in the two silver cups on my mantle and lit the tea lights in the glasses. I'd advice you to click on the pictures above and below to enlarge them and see all the details.

Anita's fabric birds are still hanging from the chandelier (and yes her lavender hearts on the mantle too lol) and birds are also everywhere in my decoration between the pumpkins. For me birds are always seasonable:

So the next photo is not from my home, but from a greek home in the old Plaka of Athens and doesn't it look very cosy too? And so classical!

I also like the old licor shop "Brettos" in the Plaka (= old city) of Athens where you can taste all the yummy stuff:

and the beautiful neo classical houses with the gorgeous scrolly iron balcony balustrades:

Oh and the beautiful statues like this one of the greek goddess Athena:

And I was so impressed by the old olive tree on the Acropolis next to the Erechteion Temple, of which a Myth says that it was planted by the goddess Athena (click photo to enlarge it):

Here is the story:
Athena and her uncle, the sea god Poseidon, competed for the affections of the Greeks, each providing one gift to the nation. Poseidon provided either a wonderful horse or a salt-water spring, but Athena provided the olive tree, giving shade, oil, and olives. The Greeks preferred her gift and named the city after her.
Well I have had a fabulous 4 days in Greece and a lot of more photos, but I'm not sure if you are interested in seeing them so I finish here, for today at least.
Enjoy the cosy autumn days!
Carola xox


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