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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Blogging for Bliss party & Artful Blogging article

Looks like one party is following the next one in no time here at Boxwood Cottage lately so today I like to welcome you to the "Blogging for Bliss" party!

This event is hosted by Kari over at
http://www.artsymama.com/ in honor of the book release of Tara Frey's book "Blogging for Bliss" in which she included many talented bloggers of our beautiful blogging community of artists, crafters and creatives of all kind. It's a guide about crafting your own online journal aka blog. Congrats to Tara and all the talented bloggers who made it into her book! You may wonder why I show you a picture of the Artful Blogging Fall 2009 issue here, well I got to explain you:

I lately found out myself how exciting it is to have something published, well not only one picture like I had before, but a whole article! Last year in December Staci Dumoski of the beautiful Artful Blogging Magazine from Stampington contacted me through an e-mail to ask if I would like to write an article about my blog and send pictures to Artful blogging to get published in the Summer issue 2009. Of course I was delighted and mega excited with the thought of it and told her so. Shortly after I sent my article to Staci she left Stampington and Christen Olivarez was responsible for Artful Blogging and my article and due to an overload of articles they got, my article had to be postponed to the Fall issue which is on the news stands in the USA since August 1st! My oh my I was so excited when another blogger from the US commented on my blog that she had found me through Artful Blogging. Then some days later I got my own copy in the mail *Oh Bliss* and now I like to share the photos of my first ever published article with you :

You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them to see more details. I wrote about how I came to blogging at a time it wasn't very popular here in Germany yet and how it has made me a much more creative person than I had been ever before through the contact with other creative souls, well bloggers in this case and through swaps/trades of course. It is no secret to my faithful blogging friends and readers that I love to swap. It is something so beautiful and rewarding and you make so many new creative friends from all over the world that inspire you.
P.S.: Oops I just found a mistake that I made in my AB article, I actually started blogging in September 2005 not in 2006, well that just shows how quickly time passes when you are creative and blog lol

Bloggers like my inspiring and talented artist friend Ulla Milbrath and famous Sally Jean Alexander who's most inspiring book "Pretty little things" I only found through the many recommandations on other blogs, inspired me to try myself in soldering jewelry, something I would have never dreamed of doing and which quickly became one of my favorite creative pasttimes.

Thank you Staci, Christen and all the creative staff at Stampington for publishing me in your beautiful Artful Blogging magazine!

Just lately my blogging and flickr friend Anja of Matida's Design sent me a sweet creative parcel

it included a bunch of small watch crystal glasses, which I used to make these charms/pendants:

Here are some more of my latest soldered jewelry pieces:

Thank to you everyone who read my post to the end and who came to my little "Blogging for Bliss party". I'd love to hear/read from you! There is a link on Kari's blog side bar with all the many paticipants in this event that you can visit and get to know if you'd like to.
I also like to thank all the party people from the "Where bloggers create party" that visited me and left me such sweet comments about my studio on my last post.
And lastly to those of you who know/heard/read about the sad sudden death of our beloved little tomcat LV , through flickr or my cousin Stefanies post, thank you so much for all your comforting words, they mean a lot to me! I'm not going to post about it here any further, because I want my blog to be a happy place, a place of Bliss!
Until next time here at Boxwood Cottage I wish you a wonderful time and hopefully some more sunny summer days!
xoxo Carola


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