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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

*~*~ A white vintage Christmas *~*~

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Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends! First of all let me apologise for being MIA for so long again, let's just say that after a beautiful October the month of November was just not mine this year. Something very shocking happened to our family which has turned our lifes quite upside down, but there is always hope and light, like in these two pictures from November in which I catched the beautiful sunlight shining into my parlor. These were also the last flowers that I picked from my garden before the frost which came early this season.

I brought my potted rosemary inside this year to protect it from the strong frosts. As you can see when you look through the window it was still quite green outside on November 13th when I took these pictures:

But that changed quickly. The next day we went into the woods and brought home the first signs of Christmas:

Like this mini fir tree - I just like to look at the roots floating in the water:

I also managed to meet up with my sister and the kids and our dear cousin Stefanie this very weekend and we crafted all together and I made my first felt acorns. I'm still not sure if I'm going to glitter them or not.

The next Sunday we attended the last antique market of this year and I brought home all these pretties and some Christmas gifts which of course are still top secret.

Then I started to decorate for the holiday season and Riley always tried his best to help:

I hung snowflakes and paper doilies and glitter stars
in my old transome window - the room divider

and started to decorate my faux white mantle

Always with the view of a White Vintage Christmas in my mind. It was fun to incorporate this years flea finds like the old trumpet into the Christmas decor

and of course I always love to decorate with all the pretties I get in friendship swaps from my sweet flickr and blogging friends

The three old silver German glass tree toppers with leonean wire are all this years flea- and antique market finds

The white paper maché boot I dedicated to my friend Ann from the Tin Rabbitt. When I saw how beautiful and nostalgic dear Ann had decorated a similiar white Santa boot in her wonderful Christmas home I just had to do something like this with one of mine. The glass beaded sticks in the boot are from our swap back in January this year. The old tinsel garland is also from this friendship swap with Ann as well as the paper dove and two of the cream colored bottle brush trees and the gorgeous paper cone. The beautiful paper garland was from my swap with sweet Tina.

The picture above is probably my fave so far. Almost all the bottle rush trees you'll see in these pictures are from either swaps or etsy purchases. The two white feather trees for example are form Brandy's beautiful Brandyvine boutique on etsy. 3 years ago I've got a bunch of bottle brush trees in a swap with Cari and one is from my German friend Julia of Vintage with laces.

It is such a good and soothing feeling to surround yourself with beautiful and meaningful things from other artists and dear friends as well as with old flea market finds with a soul and a history.

Sometimes I make an exception like for these two pretty vintage reproduction bells, but at least they are vintage inspired. The 3 smaller bells are all old flea market finds.

Then when the days got really dark over here a very good family friend came and brought me some light

He knew that I was looking for an old door for a long time now so he went out to find one for me and brought me this pretty and chippy old white door from around 1850.

Of course I had to decorate it for the holiday season at once and call it now my Christmas door and it is a door of hopes too because since I have it things are going much better again then the 14 hard days before. The pretty bottle brush wreath that I hung on my Christmas door is a friendship gift from my sweet friend Madai.

I quite like the doors side by side right now, also I already have some other ideas in mind on where to put it which will come with lot's of rearranging so that will have to wait until the new year.

That's a picture of what the frozen garden looked like in mid November, when I had'nt even found the time to rake the leaves of my maple tree.

Meanwhile it is all covered in a blanket of snow. Which inspired me to make this little fellow, a cotton batting snowman.



Right now as we speak it is snowing even more and my darling 90 years old neighbor Bernhard has just shoveled away the snow on my door path and the street way in front of my house for me. He is just the Best!

Since Christmas is approaching fast, I decorated my iron candelaber with lot's of vintage German glass ornaments in silver and white as a center piece of the Christmas table

The Christmas tree is not yet up, in fact we are going to pick it up at the fir tree farm this Sunday (19th) freshly cut (we went there to chose it 3 weeks ago). In Germany the tradition is to reveal the tree on Christmas eve and not before! So that you can see the childrens eyes glowing with delight when they enter the living room and see the beautiful tree with real candles lit in all it's brighteness and glory with pretty wrapped Christmas presents underneath. This is my favorite childhood memory and we are still doing it this way in my family.

Well my dear blogging friends and readers I'm not sure if I'll get around to blog again before Christmas. My daughter is coming back from her semester abroad in Buffalo NY in two weeks time already, initially she had planned to stay another month after the semester is finished and to travel along the east coast to Florida, but now with my mom being ill she wants to be at home with her family for Christmas and I'm very glad about it. I still have a lot of things to do and to finish at home and at work before the 23rd of December when Roxanne comes home and my vacation starts so if we don't hear eachother anymore this year I cordially like to wish all of of you a very peaceful and beautiful Christmas time together with your loved ones!

Enjoy the holidays!

Update Saturday 18th of December: The chances are quite high this year for a white Christmas because it is snowing and freezing still:

xoxo~ Carola

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

October recap and two winners!!!

October came and went so quickly, didn't it?
Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends and also it is already November I'd like to share with you in pictures what October was to me this year. If you can't wait to find out if you are one of the two lucky winners of my 5th bloggiversary give away, you have to scroll down all the way until the end of this post now!
Well so October started off quite fabulously with a big family reunion where we also squezzed in some time to a quick flea market excursion where I found a beautiful crystal chandelier:

I hope you won't hate me when I tell you that this beauty cost only 5 bucks! Lucky me! :)
I further went to 3 antique markets in October where I found all the beautiful treasures in the first picture and all the following pictures:

I especially love the old doll heads, as well as an old diary, beautiful vintage pictures and antique German silver glass Christmas ornaments and a fab tinsel garland.

The very old foldable Angel greeting card above is another treasure and I also love the two sisters on the cabinet cards, especially the grumpy one lol she so going to be altered into a witch!

And I found this very old and very used bible from 1853 which even has some gorgeous handwritten pages in it:

In my studio I started decorating with my antique finds. My old lady for example got an old lace table cloth to pimp up her parasol which protects her from the sun shining through my big roof top windows:

In another corner of my studio I created a Writer's vignette with a vintage travel type writer I found and some old envelopes, books, dib pen and ink holder:

Well then of course in October there was Halloween and I made cup cakes for the first time ever and had fun using the pretty black fence cupcake cuffs and the Halloween haunted house and moon picks I got sent from Heather of Speckeled Egg last year in Artsy Mama's Sweet & Sinister swap:

Aren't they're pretty?

I set the table and waited for my very own Vampires to arrive:

When it got darker I lit the candles

and everything looked much more inviting:

and it didn't take them long to arrive and eat up the cup cakes lol they must have had some blood before they came ;-)

Twilight - the next generation!

But October was also the last sunny & warm days in my garden and the last beautiful roses of the season:

Like the beautiful Tantau rose above called: Artemis!

Some more Fall garden impressions

The last of my self sowed cosmos blooms

The star on my patio this fall certainly is Verbena bonariensis:

Close up of my wonderful Verbena bonariensis:

Riley has gotten more homey than usual since the weather got cooler and it rained a lot more, he doesn't like rain at all, so when he's not outside strolling around he's sleeping in a cosy spot:

October was also another swap month. I soldered and created these altered game piece charms for the Altered Game Piece Swap 2010:

and each participant also got a Vintage paper Christmas bag filled with small doodats from my studio:

Well and lastly October is a month for winners! First of all I'd like to thank all participants of my 5th bloggiversary give away drawing for playing along and for all your very sweet and encouraging words about my blog! :)

I pulled two random numbers between 1 and 93 and taadaaaa the lucky winners are:


Heartfelt congratulations to both of you! Each of you won two beautiful European interior magazines and a big domed pendant of your choice. You gotta let me know if you'd prefer a Paris Theme or a Nature Theme (see picture above!). And also please send me your adresses to Carolinchen39(at)hotmail(dot)com

So I can truly say that October was a really fabulous month for me and of course I hope that is was wonderful for you too!

I'm linking up again with Kathleen's Faded Charm blog for White Wednesday - see my side bar button!
Sending very happy November wishes to all of you!

xoxo~ Carola


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