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Saturday, May 01, 2010

May basket swap & Vintage cushion swap & latest flea market finds

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Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage my dear readers and blogging friends!
I can hardly believe it's May already. I wanted to post more often really, I had so many Easter pics to share, but somehow it just didn't happen. Time flies as you all know and even more when you have to work full time like me. Anyhow today I have 2 gorgeous swaps, pretty flea market finds and a bit of my Spring garden to share with you. 28 yummy pictures if I dare say so, so you better make yourself comfortable in front of your screen. Aren't these two pictures already delicious? Above is a picture of my wonderful May basket from sweet Tina of http://www.tinybear-dk.blogspot.com/ and below is my latest friendship swap from my dear buddy Anita of http://www.ein-stueck-garten.blogspot.com/ .

I start with Anita's swap because I got it already over two weeks ago and wanted to share it as long. My flickr friends may have already seen these gorgeous cushions that Anita created for me. After I saw what some other talented bloggers made with these pretty vintage graphics from Karen the Graphics Fairy I asked Anita if she could create a cushion for me ( I still can't sew myself *sigh* I gotta find the time to learn it one fine day!) with the French Paris graphic in my fave neutral colors and so she kindly did, seeing it was a new challenge for her, because if you know Anita, you know that usually it's all about soft pink and roses for her and then she got on a roll and made more and more of these gorgeous cushions and I just can't resist them. I generously got two of these beauties from her in the swap and bought another one.

I had to take some pictures to show you and Anita how pretty her cushions look on my willow sofa

This is the one with the Paris graphic that started it all:

Pretty huh? After she showed it on her blog Anita quite quickly got more orders fro the Vintage inspired cushions from her friend Vanessa for example and others.Well of course there was more in Anita's parcel than the beautiful cushions, I also got this huge beige yoyo with the pretty mother of pearl flower button which for now I added to this rather boring lampshade that I still want to embellish more once I found the right piece of lace for it. But I also like the yoyo decorated under one of my glass domes:

Dear Anita also added a Tilda cards and labels stack and all these pretty tags she made. I especially love the one with my initial letter C - such a pretty stamp! The punched french lily sign tag is also an instant favorite of mine:

Oh and I also got some of her soft pink sweet peas seeds, a gorgeous scenting rose soap and one of her lovely sewed roses. Thank you again for everything dear Anita, I love it all!

Now before I reveal more from Tina's May basket I'd like to share my latest happy flea market finds with you:

On Sunday the 18th of April the outdoor flea market season finally started again and it was a wonderful sunny and warm day. I met up at the flea market with my dear cousin Stefanie (who btw also had a lovely swap with Tina lately) we both share a love for crafting, blogging and flea marketing and we found some great old treasures. I was so happy to have found another old black silk top hat. Quite crumpled and torn, but for only 5 bucks and I love it's whimsy look. It's my third one already, after my mom gave me the one from my fathers dad and I found the other one at the flea market two. It's so fun to play around with them and decorate them for the different holidays. I also found a cute vintage black suitcase, with purple silk inside and lot's of beautiful lace pieces.

That old framed behind glass photo of the siblings is another favorite as well as the old doll cup and plates and the crotcheted collar.

Oh and not to forget this sweet smoked baby blouse for just 1 Euro and the white & gold soup tureen also just 1 Euro and all the old Christmas paper bags and the Christmas postcard.

The  embossed roses & doves postcard was another happy find and so were the thin copper clothes stencils in a silver box:

Okay now, seeing that today is the first day of the merry month of May I'd like to show you more of the super gorgeous May basket of  Miss "Tiny bear" Tina which arrived just yesterday from our neighboring country Denmark:

I must say that Tina and I are 100 percent on the same wave length (hope that's an English saying too). She threw everything I love in the basket, started with the gorgeous neutral colors, all cream and sepia beige with a splash of silver *sigh* and there are lovely old paper items with numbers and silhouettes, a sewed & stamped lavender bag and heart, danish sheet music, old book pages, danish post stamps so pretty bundled, cute cake molds, an optician lense, silver wings, gorgeous lace, a delicate beige silk handkerchief oh just look for yourself!

See the sweet egg shaped tags in the left pic that Miss Tina made? They are even two sided and so pretty, you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them to see more details. Oh and I also got one of Tina's most gorgeous paper garlands. I decorated it on my mantle piece where I can admire it all the time. I have to show you a close up, so that you can see all the layers, topped with a piece of lace and a button:

Isn't it just so enchanting? I'm totally in love with it!
And look at the hand stamped bird ribbon in the next picture. Aw I never really thought about stamping on cloth myself, but seeing this I really should give it a try. I'm so inspired by Tina's swap in many ways!

I love the tin mold and the cream buttons, the lense and the stamps and also the pretty turqouise cigarette tin and the jewelry supply pieces like the flower bell blossoms:

Thank you sweet Tina for creating and gathering all these beautiful treasures for me, you were a true pleasure to swap with!
I also like to show you a bit of what I sent to Tina, although I haven't heard back from her yet if she already got my parcel, which I hope because we both sent if off the same day. Seeing I could not find an old basket like I was hoping and searching for Tina, I created a Vintage inspired Paris hat box instead of a basket to fill:

I embellished the box with very old  sepia aged sheet music pages, vintage lace borders, white Dresden border, Bonjour satin ribbon, an Eifel tower stamped milk bottle cap and an Eifel tower charm, cream colored millinery flowers and a vintage mother of pearl brooch and one of the pretty birdie cup cake cuffs from Andrea's One hundred wishes boutique (the Bonjour ribbon was also from Andrea). I sealed the box with a gorgeous hand dyed cabbage roses ribbon from Marilyn Healey and a scalloped paper tag with a punched out sheet music lace heart (from my new Martha punch) as well as a silver soldered initial tag which I created especially for Tina:

On the other side of the hat box I also added one of Anita's white french lily tags.

I won't reveal too much of the inside in case Tina hasn't got her parcel in time and I don't wanna spoil the whole surprise, but I chose and created only things that Tina had wished for and think I covered it all and I hope very much that she will like it!

Now my friends I'm off ínto my garden to admire my new pink tulips and sow some pretty summer flower seeds. The bleeding hearts, lilacs and clematis montana rubens are just starting to bloom and I'll share pictures of these beauties in my next post.

Until then I hope you'll all keep enjoying Spring!

xoxo~ Carola

P.S.: In case you are wondering about the baby pictures in my blog banner, the vintage baby is me lol
A family friend recently scanned all of my parents old photos and among them were these.


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