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Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to the Where bloggers create ~ II Blog party

Update 06-23-2010: I also linked this post to Kathleen of Faded Charm's White Wednesday today, see my side bar button link.

Update 06-22-2010: I added some more pictures after I got around to decorate a bit more over the last weekend and clean up my messy work desks.

Welcome dear blogging friends and readers to the big Where Bloggers Create party 2010! It is already the second time now that Karen Valentine of  My Desert Cottage hosts this party and since I love my attic studio, love rearranging my space and decorating it and showing off my collections and of course meeting like minded bloggers and finding new creative souls all over the world , getting inspirations overload I just had to participate again!

I haven't got as much done as I would have wished for because normally this time of the year is all about the garden and I also rearranged my living room lately, I'm still quite happy with the changes I accomplished this week though. Wednesday I took a day off work and started it by finally painting my old printers drawers in a creamy white. I did that downstairs in my parlor:

When the acrylic paint was dry I brought it up in my studio:

And now I so enjoy the new fresh look of it:

I needed almost 3 hours to paint all these small cubby holes but I think it was well worth the time at the end, don't you think?

The open vintage suitcase was a friendship swap parcel gift from my friend Ann of The Tin Rabitt who will also be at the party, don't miss her studio, it belongs to my favorites and is drop dead gorgeous!

Do you noticed Riley our sweet Tabbey cat in the next picture? He loves to come up to have a nap in my quiet attic studio and I love his company wether it's up here or in my garden.

I decluttered my vintage dress form and gave her a vintage inspired parasol and a pair of old lace gloves:

Ins't she a beauty?
It's always so fun to decorate her for the different seasons, so this is her summer outfit.

When I create I sit behind her and can look out of the two large double windows over the roofs and trees.

The vintage metall stamp holder stands on this desk. I have amongst other a very beautiful personalised round stamp with scalloped edges for Boxwood Cottage that I already showed in an older post this year.

One thing I really love to collect is top hats. I have some smaller ones in a vintage coffee display case. It's fun to decorate dolls and other studio inhabitans like the Alice in Wonderland hare - who sits on a shelf in a corner of my studio where I store jewelry pieces amongst other supplies -with them:

 But I was searching for a new display for my real vintage black silk top hats ( one of them is a family heirloom from my grandfather) and thought they might look quite good on the wall of the open studio staircase where you go up and down the stairs ever so often and it looked quite boring until now.

I hung my vintage black wooden mirror on this wall too and some framed vintage pictures and a vintage black silk dress and voilá a new display was born.

Oh yes I have indeed 2 of these pretty vintage inspired umbrellas lol I bought one to display in my studio and one to actually use in the rain 2 years ago, but now I used them both as decorational pieces.

On the gallery of the studio staircase I displayed some more collections like vintage suitcases and vintage sewing baskets as well as vintage sewing machines. The small blue one is my own toy from my childhood in the late sixties/early seventies, the cream white one was my older cousins one, the tow others are flea market purchases.

The black mirror now offers new glimpses of my studio - different from every angle I stand and I really like this.

The old paper cutter is one of my favorite things in the studio. I'm not finished redecorating the shelf yet though.

Update photo after some more decorating this last weekend:

View from another angle, where you can also spot my comfy couch in the corner where I usually sit with my laptop and type.

I like using IKEA's Expedit shelf  with all the big cubby holes for studio organising as you can see in the photos above and below, they come in all sizes and always fit exactly in the corners I need them too, so practical!

I love the wooden shoe form, my fathers dad was a shoemaker.

Above some sunbathing beauties in a cup on top of the shelf.

The white wooden organising boxes with the glass lids and words painted on where Christmas gifts from my dear daughter, I only had the "Buttons and Yarn" one before in which I store pretty lace borders.

Here I also display of some of my soldered charms and other soldered works like a collaged house and paper weights. The turnable charm holder was a birthday gift from my dd.

A glass bottle that I soldered and altered and made a round tag charm for:

The following photo is a close up of my quite messy solder work desk:

And the next one is another desk with my "wall of inspiration" over it, on which I like to arrange things, write, practising callygraphy and other more or less clean works.

Now here comes a photo in which are all my 3 studio desks, for an overview, this is probably my favorite studio view.

A favorite vintage graphic framed in an old black family heirloom frame, which hangs close to the old black wooden mirror:

Some more studio mirror reflections. As always I left all my pictures quite big so that you can click on them to see more details if you wish so.

I did show lot's of pictures of the part of the studio that you can see in these reflections before and if you are interested you can always have a look in them in my flickr photo set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boxwoodcottage/sets/72157603980980932/

That's it for today from my space, thank you so much for visiting me! There are hundreds of participants in this party that you should not miss.450 to be excact lol I'm looking forward to start visiting them now too and it will probably take me a month or more until I saw all the creative spaces. Phew I thought I would never get this post done in time but now I think I managed quite well. I'll show you the pictures I had already prepared of my rearranged parlor and new garden photos with my roses in full bloom in my next post then. I used some of them already for my new blog header, did you see it? Hopefully you'll find some inspiration in this post and I would love to hear back from you, about how you liked it. I you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me!

Happy WBC party everyone!!! :)

xoxo~ Carola

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Vintage black Friday and a garden update!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends! Today I participate in The French Cupboards Vintage black Friday and with the photo of the old window above also in Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special Link Party - see sidebar buttons! So yesterday I shot pictures of the window and Vintage black around my living room.
I have a love for Vintage black silhouettes and got some beautiful ones in friendship swaps from Ann, Cerri and Tina this year and have them all decorated in my old rusty barn window. And although the black enamel sign isn't old I think it has a vintage feel as well.

My old black metal paraffin stove gives a great contrast to my white wooden faux mantle.

I bought thís cute pair of black vintage leather baby boots at an Antique market last January and have them decorated in a wire basket standing on an old black wood and glass tray with silver handles.

My old Adler sewing machine is another vintage black item in my living room. I'm always debating with me weather I shall paint it white or leave it like it is? I just can't decide *sigh* What do you think?

I like the reflection in my new white mirror, well yes I admit this is the contrary of Vintage black, but this is just what I like the contrast between Black and White.

The old metal box on which I have decorated the white bird cage and rusty items was once black but is now rather rusty.

I got a bunch of these gorgeous old enamel signs with black numbers recently from my friend Nicole over at Small Treasures and put some in my old white enamel candle stick holder. Thank you so much dear Nicky for sharing them so generously with me!
You can also find them in Nicoles Dawanda shop here: http://de.dawanda.com/product/10183810--Emaillezahlen-shabby-3-Stk-

Time always seems to slip away from me, maybe this is the reason why I have such a thing for old clocks, pocket watches and clock faces and watch faces in general? Did you spot my new old silver alarm clock in the first picture of this post?

My sister brought me the blackboard garden labels from a recent trip to England as a gift for watching over her country cottage and garden and tending her geese and cats this week ( I also got a goat milk soap a black wire soap holder and an English Country Living :)). They are the perfect item for a garden lover and I already used them to mark the plants in my zinc nursery.

So this is the best transition to go from the cottage outside into the garden, will you be so nice to follow me?

It's all very late this year because of the unsual long and strong Winter we experienced but finally it's coming along. I planted summer flowers and herbs in pots on one of my french iron garden tables on my deck:

I always move plants and pots and decorations around in my garden as well as in my cottage so nothing stays excactly the same for very long.

Riley always steels my comfy reading places weather it's on the bank or in the deck chair lol

I have a real passion for zinc items old or new in my garden.

And think it makes a great impact to put a lot of zinc garden items in one space:

I sowed summer flowers on May 2nd and they are now ready to get planted in bigger pots, especially the cosmos has grown very quickly and is already overgrown the other seedlings.

I´t's all very green in the garden and I'm now impatiently waiting for my roses and peonies to bloom. Last year they started blooming mid May and this year 3 weeks later they are still in buds.

At least the Alliums and Lupines and blue Geraniums have started to bloom now around my new white rose arc, which we set up in marc this year because the old one was broken down by strong winds. This one will conquer the winds I'm sure because it is attached to the ground with concrete, as well as my other rusty rose arc vice versa, which we set up last autumn. I so can't wait to see them both covered in roses!

Allium Globemaster and Gladiator are the bigger Allium varieties which still bloom after the early Purple sensations Alliums have already faded. Their purple heads are getting bigger every day now while all there hundreds of star like little blooms are enfolding.

Most of my clematis have not survived last Winter so I planted some new varieties which are more hardy like this one called "General Sikorski":

My pink Clematis "Josephine" is one of the strong survivers :)

The white snow ball " Virburnum opolus roseum" is blooming beautifully now and is lightening up a rather dark corner of my garden.

I already planted summer blooms in all my hanging baskets:

The picture of the view over my willow fence I took 10 days ago before I went to my sisters cottage and the Lilacs and Clematis montana in this picture have already faded by now because we have enjoyed a very sunny and warm week so far.

Well that should be enough for now from my garden, I'll show you more garden pictures when my roses are in bloom, but I like to share with you a sweet little price I won for participating in the French cupbards 'Mad about Alice Party' last month: It's a beautiful candy cone made by a paper artist as well as a packet of cosmos seeds and a gorgeous hair band with a cameo.

Also included were these beautiful magnetic postcards that I put on my fridge door:

A big thank you to the lovely ladies from Counting your blessings and The French cupboard!

Next time I'll also like to show you some pictures of the rearranging I did last week in my living room which now has a very summery feel to it, but for today I think this post was already long enough.
Enjoy the beautiful month of June everyone!

xoxo~ Carola


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