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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Published in Italy, inspired by black and white and a give away!

Welcome back dear readers and blogging friends in the rainy month of August in Germany. 
If I thought that our Summer weather in July was already too cold than I was totally wrong, because August the so called High Summer month started even colder, it's windy, cloudy, rainy and even stormy and my flowers aren't happy about it just like us people aren't. 
But luckily to warm my heart at least, dear Annarita Triarico from Lotus Publishing in Rome has sent me a few copies of the Brocantage issue of her beautiful magazine Gli Speciali di Casa chic which is dedicated to Brocante and Flea market style. I feel very honored to be included in this beautiful and special issue with a 12 pages spread about my home Boxwood Cottage on page 52 to 63:

Wow what a special feeling it is to see my pictures printed in a pretty high gloss magazine, it's very exciting! :)

Just click on the pictures to enlarge them if you want to see more details.

Annarita contacted me through my Flickr photo account some time in May/June sending me a flickr mail to aske if I would like to participate in the Brocantage issue of her magazine Gli Speciali die Casa Chic and if so, if I would send her as fast as possible some high res pictures. (I send her around 100 pics lol cause I wasn't sure what she wanted especially) and answer to her interview questions and after some consideration so I did. I was a bit reluctant at first thinking my pictures and story might not be good enough, but sweet Annarita and her collegue Lucrezia Vozza did a beautiful job in translating my interview from English in Italian and pulled together an article that makes me really happy. 
~Thank you so much dear Annarita and Lucrezia!~

This issue is for the months of July and August and is still available on the shelves of the Italian magazine vendors and even better it will be published in France too with a Special Maison chic issue for September/October!
This is so exciting for me and to share it with you I will give away a copy of each issue to you my dear readers and all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post and I'll draw a winner as soon as I have the french copies in my hands too. You'll sure love the magazine for the eye candy alone although you might not understand Italian or French.

There are even extra pages at the end of the magazine with tips for the readers who want to recreate some ideas of the articles and I'm included there too:

Other than that I was very inspired by black and white lately as you can although see in my Pinterest Inspiration Board called Beautiful Black & White. I love to use white with black accents in my home and decorations but didn't use it so much in crafts so far.

I played with glue and art gel and this is what came out of it. Above is a little black and white 3D collage with art gel in a cake tin with which I then altered a wooden file box that I painted white. 

Below is an altered mirror hanging from a window in my studio:

 The mirror frame was just a boring wooden mirror frame before I altered it with vintage and new tape measure, game pieces with my initials, age and birth year etc.pp to make it personal and individual. Lastly I added the small black bottle brush tree on top as well as two tiny top hats and the sweet flash card garland I once ordered from the talented Cari Kraft and find it even quite festive now for Halloween as well as for the Christmas holidays, don't you think?

 Last but not least I'd like to let you know about a fabulous give away which is taking place at my my dear blogging friend Suzanne of the Old Grey Mare blog right now:

So hurry up and head over to Suzanne's blog so that you won't to miss out on it!

I'm wishing you all a better High Summer weather than we have right now and if you have sunshine please send it our way!
xoxo~ Carola


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