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Thursday, December 22, 2011

White Vintage Christmas inspiration 2011 part 4

Looks like I really messed up this post while deleting pictures in Picasa that I thought was there twice ~ duh me! I couldn't stand the look auf the black windows with exclamation marks instead of my pretty photos so I decided to edit this post and deleted all the black windows. 
I'll try to restore the missing pictures soon!
xoxo~ Carola

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers and to part 4 of my Vintage Christmas Inspiration series. So guess what, yes right my Christmas tree is finally up! We drove down to our favorite farmer in the country side of Lower Saxony last Sunday and picked it up freshly cut. When I came home I put it up right away and started decorating it the same evening. I never ever had my tree up a whole week before Christmas ever before because this is all against German Christmas tradition rules, but as my US friend Evi said so right in the comments of my last post: Rules are there to break them! Ha and so I did! I have a whole week more time to enjoy the tree and that is sure worth it!

I used all my vintage German glass ornaments and my vintage tinsel garlands and couldn't resist the all silver & white theme again since it is my favorite. I'm still adding to it though, just bought more candle clip holders and more white wax candles today. When the tree is up my already quite small house feels even smaller, you can see a part of my tree peeking into the photo of my dining area in the picture below and the comfy seating area on the other side of the room is much smaller too now but of course so much more cozy and festive!

I also like the very small tree on my dining table, you can see it in the mirror in the picture below. Yes I know, I just couldn't resist taking another shot of my Victorian snow angel doll which is sitting in front of the mirror. I attached a "Frohe Weihnachten" (Merry Christmas) zinc sign to the mirror.

Here is a close up of my dining table decorations with the small tree and a cardboard box of vintage glass ornaments that I found many years ago at the flea market:

Today was my first day off work for the holidays and I went doing some serious last minute Christmas shopping with my mom and my daughter. It took us the whole day and we came home late this evening (Thursday). I couldn't wait to come home though to open my Vintage Christmas friendship swap parcel from my friend Lisa of Tarnished & Tattered, which I picked up at the German custom office this morning. Oh and such wonderful things sweet Lisa sent me, I just had to take some pictures to share them with you:

I always admired Lisa's altered waxed bottles and I'm so happy that she made me one and such a gorgeous piece, I love the old script on the waxed paper and the vintage cameo brooch she attached to it and of course the pretty glass bottle stopper, isn't it wonderful? :)

The whole parcel sented so heavenly Christmassy thanks to this pretty Christmas soap she gifted me with and I also got a whole role of flat spun cotton! Wohoo can't wait to start working with it!

 I further love the vintage seals with the silhouette of a lady carrying a gift box, the sparkling clips, the white milk glass star plate and the great black and white vintage milk bottle caps.

Oh and of course also the vintage button cards, wooden rulers, small bottle brush trees, gorgeous old lace & cabinet cards and the cool metal wings! I tried to capture all the goodness in the photo below. To see more details click on the photo and then right click and chose "show graphique/picture"  and then right click again on the open picture to get the original size!

And did you spot the beautiful altered tobacco tin ornament which I hung in my little tree and also the wonderful vintage Holiday sheet music with the black silhouette lady portrait? Oh I simply love it all dear Lisa, thank you so very much! I just hope that my parcel for you will arrive at your doorstep very soon too!

Tomorrow (oh well it's already today, it's 6 in the morning of Friday here and I been up almost all night) I will decorate Lisa's treasures around the house and put my festive dining table decoration, the old oval mirror and the old glass oraments in the box back on:

To make the season a bit more Christmassy we also had the first snow of the season this week, although it only lasted a few hours before the snow became rain again, at least I took a picture to remind me of it:

But now let's drive down to my parents home where I also took some picture of mom's Christmas decorations to share with you:

I love this corner of their living room with the beveled mirror and mom's ore mountain angel collection on the drawers below it. Click and enlarge as described before to see more details!
While trying to take a close up of the mirror and the chandelier I always catched myself in the mirror trying to get out of the picture lol even though I used the tripod I couldn't take a decent picture of the mirror and the chandelier without me and/or the camera in the mirror lol. It was quite a funny action!

Mom also put the white Christmas pyramide from the ore mountains out and up again, which she inherited from a good youth friend of her's:

In the next photo I captured mom's collection of wooden German incent smokers standing in one of the living room shelves, which are also all from Thuringia in the ore mountains. The wooden stars on the transom door are all made by my dad though:

This wooden pair of vendors are also from the ore mountains. Mom is a big fan of this art called "Deutsche Volkskunst" well it's translated German folk art:

I also tried to get a decent picture of the decorated living room window which wasn't easy in candle light and without using the flash, which I hate doing and it wouldn't have worked out with the reflecting window in the back anyways. Mom has her vintage press glass collection in the window and also some vintage German glass tree toppers which were made in the ore mountains too. My dad has constructed the window shelf itself btw:

 There also is a sweet vintage nativity scene to be seen underneath the window and so much more prettyness.

I also liked this close up of the Christmassy decorated chandelier which I painted white for my mom:

 So let's go over into my parents dining room:

You'll easily see that my mom is a great collector of so much more, like old Christmas tree stands and old German china/porcelaine. I'm sorry for the blue lighted house of my parents neighbors to be seen in the window. We so don't like it! Why can't they use pretty white lights instead? Oh well I know tastes are individually different, thanks God lol

 Isn't this tiny drawers cabinet and the area below decorated so sweet and Christmassy?:

And I also love how mom has decorated her feather tree (a gift my daughter gave her for last years Christmas when she came back home from her studies in Buffalo N.Y. - I got one too as you might remember if you are a regular reader)  with very old vintage glass ornaments:

The antique cotton batting Santa I tried to capture more close up here is one of my favorite ornaments at mom's:

And isn't the old tree stand gorgeous and the way the sheep I got mom for her birthday last March is sniffing on the tree walnut ornament?:

Well now I have to leave you for this Friday trying to get some sleep before dawn, because today I have to be fit to get all my Christmas preparations done. I haven't wrapped a single present yet, oh well so I'm very thankful that my dear daughter is doing the baking and the cooking for tomorrow, all fully vegan of course!
Here is a last picture for you of the Christmas preparations at Boxwood Cottage taken on Wednesday: 

See I still have to add some more candles to my tree!
Now here's wishing to all of you my dear readers and blogging friends around the world a very 
Merry & Peaceful Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

xoxo~ Carola

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

White Vintage Christmas inspiration 2011 part 3

Welcome back dear blogging friends and readers to part 3 of my White Vintage Christmas Inspiration posts on this very stormy day here in Germany. I took almost all of these pictures last Sunday afternoon/evening when it was already dark with my daughters new Canon EOS 600D. I must say that it makes quite a difference to my good old friend the Olympus UZ C760 which I usually use.

Oops I'm just realising that I got to hurry, will be back later to finish the text for this post!
(Vintage insipired candy Peace Christmas cone by Ann Perry)

So now I'm finally back to finish my post, such a whirlwind of a day this is. 
Don't you just love these vintage inspired paper maché Santa boots? I painted one white and one silver and really like to fill them with vintage and/or vintage inspired beaded picks and other pretty items and use them in my holiday decor.

The metal cone in the picture below hangs from one of my studio roof top windows. I made the snowflake ornament from silver pipe cleaners and got the sweet sheet music paper ornaments from my cousin Stefanie.

Back down in my parlor, the huge spun cotton snowball ornament I made and put in the rusty white urn sparkles really nice at dark when the candles are lit:

It's not easy to see all the sparkle in the photos. The Merry Christmas sign below sparkles very nice too:

so does my Winter Magic garland on the mantle, a gift from my friend Madai, as well as the cream white bottle brush wreath:

Of course I lit three Advent candles in the white metal planter from Ikea last Sunday, the fourth will have to wait until this coming Sunday - oh Advent is passing by much too fast for my liking:

~ Sunday 3rd of Advent at Boxwood Cottage ~

It's so cosy when all the candles and twinkle lights are lit, this is why I so love this time of the year!
Can you find all the birdies hidden in the next photo? There are 10 alltogether!

The view below is what I see when I sit on my willow sofa and look in the direction of the dining room with the kitchen behind the transom window:

I really love how the next picture of my seating area came out . The pillow says what I wish to all of you:

Our cat Riley thinks that the sofa is very cosy too:

These pictures were taken in the morning with my old Olympus camera:

The morning light shone into the parlor so beautifully and made my spun cotton snowballs sparkle too:

Back to candle light photos - this one is a little blurry, but I wanted to show you my latest acquisition, the old silver glass tree topper in the vintage tin pudding form. I found it in a pretty Country shop in the cosy artists village of  Fischerhude last Saturday while Christmas shopping with my mum:

another picture with my silver santa paper maché boot this time in candle light:

The small brass wind instument ornament is also from that cosy Country shop in Fischerhude, the trumpet is a really old one that I found at the flea market two years or so ago. I like how they shine so pretty in the candle light which really brings me into the festive spirit:

In the next photo you can see all the parcels I had such fun wrapping for my friend Lisa of  Tarnished and Tattered in Texas, sent to her a few days ago for our Vintage Christmas friendship swap. Can't wait to receive Lisa's parcel, cause our tastes are quite similar I'm sure it will be awesome!

Today is another good friends birthday and I made her an altered bottle and sent along some small items she might like considering that she loves sewing and Paris!

Sending you very Happy Birthday wishes dear Anita! xoxo~ Carola

I'll have to leave you now with this wide view of my parlor taken with my daughters awesome new camera and wish you all a wonderful and cosy 4th of Advent this Sunday!

I'll be back with part 4 of the White Vintage Christmas  inspiration series next Friday one day before Santa Clause comes here in Germany with pictures from my parents very christmassy home!
Only 3 working days left next week and then I'm off work for the rest of the year woohoo!

xoxo~ Carola

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

White Vintage Christmas inspiration 2011 part 2

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and  blogging friends and to the second Vintage Christmas inspiration friday. I'm linking up today with some fabulous Christmas parties and will add all their links under this post. 

At first I'd like to share with you some pictures of my vintage inspired (by old china dolls obviously) Snow angel doll created by Dee Foust. She is a fabulous model to work with ;-) well sitting in front of a white mantle mirror which sits on a small shelf, it depends on the angle of which I take the photo and there are always other reflections in the mirror behind her which I really like. In the first picture my antique transome window decorated with snowflakes is showing behind her and in the picture below it is my vintage crystal chandelier and my white mantle decked for the holidays:

Isn't she lovely all in white with her crepe paper collar, the tinsel and the white glitterd wings and silver glitter star and not to forget the white glittered bell in her hands? I fell head over heels in love with her when I first saw her in the Bethany Lowe collection over at Bayberry Cove last season and just had to have her!

I was lucky to get her 50 percent off in their Spring sale yay!

  I always had a thing for white vintage angels like the one I have hanging on the mantle in the picture below:

Well now we change the subject from angels to trees because I also like to participate in the Christmas tree party today. Since most of you know here in Germany the Christmas tree is not up as soon as in the United states and other countries, our tradition is to put it up not earlier than the night before Christmas eve, so that the children will be all surprised when they see it on Christmas eve day or evening depending on the tradition in each family, so that means that I can't show you pictures of my Christmas 2011 tree yet, but I uploaded lot's of pictures of Christmas trees from previous years from 2007 to 2010 and hope you'll like to see these too:

This was my 2008 tree decorated with lot's of vintage glass Christmas ornaments and fabric birds and since I learned how to solder in 2007 of course I had to make some soldered ornaments for the tree too:

Since I live in a small row house cottage my trees are usually rather small too.
 Small but cute, right?

I always have a real fir tree and use real wax candles.

Close up of some of my soldered Christmas ornaments:

Since I gave away and even sold most of them I have to find the time to make some new soldered Christmas ornamts very soon. They are so fun to make!

 Below I show you two tiny trees in sauce boats I had decorated on my mantle in 2009:

Oh and then I have to share with you this tree, not really for the fir tree, but for the wonderful antique silver music box Christmas tree stand, which swirls the tree around slowly while playing old fashioned Christmas songs. It is decorated with old vintage German glass ornaments only:

This beauty is not mine though, it belongs to my parents and gets a special place every Christmas season in their living room, where my mom also put's up a larger tree every Christmas, also decorated with her beautiful collection of old German glass ornaments from Thuringia and the ore mountains, the one below is from Christmas 2008:

Below are two pictures of a bird themed tree I had in 2007:

and lastly I's like to show you again my tree from Christmas 2010 with top hat tree topper which most of my regular readers might still remember:

I'll sure share pictures of my 2011 Christmas tree with you very soon too!

Now to the Christmas party links I joinded or will join with this post:

If you haven't seen it yet you'll find lot's more holiday vignettes in my previos post btw!

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I wish y'all lot's of fun with all those fab blog parties and hope you'll stop by again here at Boxwood Cottage next Friday when I'll hopefully have new Vintage Christmas inspiration pictures to show to you. 

Enjoy the season!

xoxo~ Carola

Thursday, December 01, 2011

White Vintage Christmas inspiration 2011 part 1

Many Christmas parties are going on this week so fun!
Update ~ joining the above named Holiday party here:  http://www.jenniferrizzo.com/2011/12/welcome-to-holiday-housewalk-party.html
Update ~ joining another blog party today called Holiday Copy Cat !
Update ~ joining White Wedensday No. 129 over ar Kathleen's Faded Charm blog and
the  Mantle party over here on Nikolaus day Dec. 6th!
Welcome back dear blogging friends and readers to the first Vintage Christmas Inspiration Friday!
I'm linking up with Debra's party today and the next Fridays, see the Vintage Christmas Inspiration button in my left side bar. Finally it's December my favorite month for decorating! I started decorating my home and garden for Christmas/Winter early this year, so todays pictures are all taken in November and lot's of things have already changed again, my decoration is always evolving and never really finished. I start the tour with some Christmas decor in my studio today. Hanging a white metal star on the black board and writing White Christmas under it was a very quick but effective decoration. The idea I got from Beth over and the Patina White blog. I love all of Beth's whimsy decor, wish I could visit her gorgeous home and shop one day! I guess this counts for the copy cat challenge from the Picket Fences Christmas parties I'm linking up and joining over here today! Although mine isn't nearly as beautiful at Beth's I still like it.

On the old wire lampshade I found in Sweden this Summer, I hung another metall star, which was blue before and quite ugly so I decoupaged it with old German sheet music paper and now I love it again! There are also some oval soldered Christmas ornaments hanging from the wire lampshade that I made 2 seasons ago and still love as well as a decorated bisque doll arm and a china doll leg, another idea I saw somewhere in the www. most possible on Pinterest. Btw. if you still need white vintage Christmas inspiration please visit my Pinterest board  where I collected over 750 wonderful pictures on my favorite seasonal theme.

This is my always growing colletion of vintage German glass tree toppers from Thuringia, that I simply put in some of the altered bottles I made this year. I find them especially pretty and christmasy in front of the antique family photo:

These are some vintage Christmas flea market finds from this fall:

I decorated the antique German feather tree on my faux white wooden mantle and I'm linking up my Winter Magic mantle with the Mantle Party over at "My uncommon slice of suburbia", where you find mantle inspirations from over 230 participants!

along with my favorite bleached bottle brush trees I got from some dear US blogging friends over the years and of course not to forget my wonderful silver glass glitter garland from my dear friend Madai and a sfabric stocking and fabric collage from my sweet friend Paula. Please let's take a moment to think at Paula a very delicate angel friend who is just recovering from an open heart surgery and still has a lot of challenges to go through. Sending you love and strength my dear!

Here is a picture from a wider angle of my dining room corner and the decorated antique transom window:

I put a star or snowflake ornament in almost every window:

Here is my parlor in the November sunshine:

and again in the November evening candle light. Not sure which I prefer though.

Some more candle light pictures from my parlor:

and the first tree is up too, it's the feather tree my daughter gifted me with when she came back home from Buffalo N.Y last Christmas. I decorated it with old silver glass ornaments from the flea market:

Here is a a vintage soup toureen full of glittered spun cotton snowballs and a spun cotton snowman I had fun making in November:

Meanwhile I also put some fresh green picks in the toureen and it looks even more festive.
 The white fabric and lace birdies in the picture below look also very festive to me. They are all lovingly made by dear Paula, send to me in her friendship swap parcels this year:

 a shelf scene with Santa in a tiny wood:

....... hours later: I was interrupted this afternoon at 2 pm and couldn't finish my post, so I do it now 12 hours later lol. My collegues came to pick me up for this years Christmas party of our company. Now it is 2 am and we just came back from Hamburg where we had a lot of fun.

Actually I just realise how very tired I really am, so I just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Wishing you all a wonderful second advent weekend!

And hope to see you here again next Friday for more Vintage White Christmas Inspiration!

xoxo~ Carola


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