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Monday, January 02, 2012

A sparkling new year - part 2

Yieppieh it's working again, my third try today after I came home from work (yep the Christmas vacation is already over) but finally I managed to upload more photos!
I found out that I have a Picasa account, can you believe that I didn't even now it ha ha and I have only 40 percent of my upload capacity used so far which is good news to me!
Above is one last picture of my fir Christmas tree illuminated in all it's glory with real candles only and below my sparkling new years chandelier:

All my photos are huge and look far better if you look at them in real size. Just click on the photo and chose Show Picture/Photo and then click on the picture again to see the original size and all the details!

So did you enjoy Chrístmas and has Santa been good to you ? I really enjoyed spending quality time with my family and I guess I must have been good because I got so many gorgeous presents:

Got 2 wonderful old lace table cloths for example, a white vintage baking tin and two more old German silver glass tree toppers for my growing collection from my parents. My daughter gave me a gorgeous new esprit watch which I love to wear every day now. My sweet niece and nephew each gave me a beautiful candle. My sisters spoiled me with lavender body lotion and wonderful sparkly jewelry:

My mum also gave this awesome old silver gravy/sauce boat and also the nostalgic silver candle holder:

My dear middle sister spoiled me also with a vintage silhouette book and another old, black framed silhouette cut out picture and a pair of special silhouette scissors. I can't even tell you how much I love all these great gifts from my dear family who knows me and what I like so very well :)
Hope you've been spoiled by your loved ones too!

The white painted and adorned paper maché Santa boots and the white painted and glittered paper maché heart are gifts I made for a good friend who was so very busy before Christmas that she had no time to decorate her home for the season which I found so sad:

And since my friend Lisa finally got her Vintage Christmas swap parcel on New years eve, I can now reveal what I made, collected and sent to her:

The black thing in the middle is a vintage top hat. No it's not one from my personal collection, but I knew how much she wanted one and was happy to find an affordable one for her at our local antique market back in October.

Lastly I'd like to share some photos from my sparkly home and vignettes with you which I took on new years eve:


Have a wonderful start into a beautiful and exciting, sparkling new year 2012 my dear and faithful readers and blogging friends! And thank you for all the lovely comments you left me on the 4 parts of my White Vintage Christmas inspiration series, I apreciate everyone of you and love to read you!
xoxo~ Carola
Thank you so much dear Christmas Carole for the lovely Christmas surprise parcel which I got on new years eve!
The awesome bottle brush star hangs from my cupboard, the beautiful Christmas card from my glass cabinet and the great Wendy Addison easel stands on my new years table, you should be able to discover them all in the pictures of this post.

Thank you Z for my word of 2012 - Patience!
This will be a tough one because patience is a virtue I don't have - oh well I hope I can learn it!

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

A sparkling new year!

Boxwood Cottage's new years tree by Boxwoodcottage

Looks like Blogger wont let me upload anymore pictures dear blogging friends and readers, I tried the whole day but nothing. I had prepared lot's of sparkling pictures for a very sparkling new years post but just can't seem to upload them, So I searched for another way to upload my pictures but for now the only thing I can come up with is uploading single pictures from my flickr account like the one above, which I just uploaded over there. Not a very satisfying solution though. I never had a problem like this with blogger and I'm in my 7th year of blogging, oh well, so much for a great start into the new year grrrrrrrrr. Is that the famous 7th year itch, or what? I'd be really thankful if someone out there would have a helpful tip for me!
Happy new year 2012 my dear readers!
xoxo~ Carola


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