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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

About painting black & white, repurposing & crafting

Back in my May vacation I decided that it was finally time to paint a wall in my house black. You may have noticed (apart from the obviously white love) my love for black as in black chalkboards, black silhouettes, black birds and vintage black things like top hats, typewriters, telephones etc., that all makes such a beautiful contrast to the white walls and furnitures, so why not try a black wall? Well up to then apart from my very light blue bedroom all the walls in my house were white so black makes quite a difference and of course it can make a room very dark, so for the time beeing I just tried it on the small potruding chimney wall in my parlor.

It was quite a quick paint job that still brought a great change to te room which I like.
Actually it's not really black, it's called dark grey/gray, but against the white wooden mantle and in the evening light it looks very black and I find it quite dramatic looking, don't you think?

I'm probably going to ad some kind of a closure edging to it soon. 

The fun part of course was decorating the mantle and surrounding so that it's all matching to the new black wall.

I found this small chalkboard in Sweden last August in a great shop called Granit and think it fits perfectly into the small corner between the mantle and the old armoire. The small old black travel typrewriter was another flea market find and fits on the white painted plant stand which once was orange lol

My bargain crystal chandelier ( a flea find for 5 bucks) also looks great against the black backdrop and adds to the dramatic feel.

Isn't it beautiful? I thought of painting the golden brass over in white quite often ever since I bought it but somehow couldn't get myself around to do it, would you do it?

 I'm still so glad that I bought the pair of huge wooden pine cones, many years ago when I still lived in my old cottage. They always fit so well on the mantle edges which ever style I decide to decorate it and in this case I think along with the black wall and the chandelier they give a eal classical feel to the whole vignette.

And I'm still fond of my 3 compartments mirror another bargain flea find (20 bucks) and the reflections in it, in the above photo it's the old transom door on the other side of the room with my antique black silhouette collection inside of the single windows.

I added the letter C to the mantle since it's my initial and the numbers 6 and 3 together are giving away my birth year ~ oh well.

And even my old black petrol stove with the silver accents matches very well with the black wall and white mantle.

When you stand in front of the mantle and look to the left side there is my dining corner and behind the dining table hangs a glass cabinet which I painted white from the outside many moons ago but never found the time to paint it from the inside too. Well that I finally changed in my May vacation too and painted it from the inside which looks so much better now. Meanwhile I have also painted the wood of the old Adler sewing machine table below the glass cabinet in white. Now in the dining room corner there are only the old chairs left to paint white one time.

I also put out my collection of antique rose coffee and tea service for a change and brought it in a cupboard down in my basement. The pink roses didn't suit the new feel of the room. Instead I added some of my old and new jugs as well as old and new backing moulds and also the old soup toureens and pudding moulds.

Next thing to paint are my Ikea cabinets and drawers like the ones of my kitchen island that you can see in the photo below. Actually we already started doing it last weekend and I'm quite excited of the change it will bring to my cottage :)

While grocery shopping two weeks or so ago I came across the fabulous clothes hanger for skirts that you see below and instantly knew that it would make an awesome inspiration board:

I pinned all kind of things that I found in my studio on it with the existing brackets and added some more things with small wooden clothes pegs and black office clips. Then I hung it on the handle of one of my attic windows for now. 
Btw. that sweet open bird book with the waxed pages was a dear gift from my creative blogging friend Lisa!
I also started to punch out sturdy scalloped cardboard circles and then painted them with black chalkboard paint and wrote on it with white chalk like the "Happy Day's" "Boxwood Cottage" and "Summer" signs.

Another hanger that I repurposed (meanwhile replaced with a white one) is the belt hanger below. It's great use for hanging all kind of necklaces and soldered pendants from it too, but in this case I used it to hang the wire ribbon holder on it and the Atelier sign and slate heart that I once got from my dear friend Anita.

The last thing I wanted to share with you today is the little wire bird cage that I saw in a German magazine from "Land Idee called "Wohnen und Deko" lately and just had to try to make one:

For a first quick try I think it turned out quite pretty, non?

So now I'll go back nesting, but not inside the house yet, nope the garden is calling!
A big thank you btw to all the kindred souls that commented on my last XXL garden post, it was a pleasure to read you!

Wishing you happy late Summer days my friends
xoxo~ Carola


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