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Monday, December 31, 2012

Vintage new years eve vignettes *~* Happy 2013 *~*

Celebrating New Years Eve in the studio tonight and thought I'd share some vignettes around the studio with you my dear readers

 As you can see I had fun playing with my old top hats, vintage suitcases, dolls, chalkboard and silver German glass glitter again

 I made the big 2013 with silver pipe cleaners

Of  course clockfaces some soldered, some real and others out of cardboard play a role in my new years vignettes as well as vintage old new years cards

Happy New Year to the world :)

 My old dressform got a vintage velevet top hat for the celebration adorned with a big black millinery flower, a silver border and and some vintage bling

 I think the black and white maskes are appropriate for the new years eve ball

Since it's Winter the snowmen are celebrating too ;-)

The paper maché balls and pine cones that I glittered are hanging from the studio chandelier adding some sparkle to the festive vignettes

I also glittered the small top hat for the china doll

Now after all these close ups I give you some wider views

Hope I brought you in the mood for a great party with these new years eve vignettes from my studio tonight and I'd like to wish you all good luck for the new year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!

xoxo~ Carola

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 and the upcoming new year!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage at Christmas dear blogging friends and readers! I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas time and could or even better still can enjoy some quality time with friends and family before all the hustle and bustle of the new year begins.

I'm quite excited about the new year and can feel a lot of changes coming, hopefully for the better, but you can never now it exactly which is making me a bit restless these days. With the bad economy here in Europe I have reason to fear for my job of 27 years and on the other hand my daughter is going to finish her studies and ready to begin something new too. Please wish us luck!
A new period in life will start for me anyway because at the end of next month I'm going to be half a century young *EEK*!

Well let's change the subject to something lighter and brighter shall we? I played around a lot with silver in my home during the last few weeks. I had fun glittering lot's of items like the wooden fir trees right and left on top of the mantle with real stuff: German silver glass glitter.

And I glittered stars which I cut out of cardboard to hang in the tree and make it shine:

For the first time ever I have not a green but a silver fir tree with it's blueish needles. I was thinking to put string lights in it this year but then it just didn't feel right and I used real candles again like I always did.

For a change of things I didn't put the tree in a tree stand this year, but in my pleaded white zinc barrel, which I got as a gift for my last birthday:

See the blueish white and silver glow of the tree?

Gotta show you some more close ups of my vintage glass baubles and ornaments which I collected over the last 25 years from flea and antique markets. I used a lot of them already to decorate the french zinc bottle holder which I showed you in my last post, but still had enough for the Christmas tree.

I didn't feel like putting out the colored ornaments this year (or for the last 5 years or so lol) only the white and silver ornaments did strike my fancy again.

And it looks like the same applies for my gift wrapping, I used only neutral colors of paper and lot's of silver glittered stars and ornaments to embellish the parcels:

If you would have had the choice, which gift would you have chosen?

We also had yummy vegan treats for Christmas this year like the absolutely delicious Christmas cake in the photo above or the Christmas cookies in the picture below and no poor creature had to suffer for out Christmas meals either.

We didn't see much of the sun over Christmas, because it was mostly cloudy and rainy here and unusual warm, but I catched the low standing winter sun in the next photo shining on to my Christmas decorations, doesn't it look beautiful?

Well we had our share of snow for all three Advent weekends before though and I built some kind of Christmas tree with the old white wooden growth support on my deck:

And with this Winter picture my friends I want to thank you all for your faith and for still coming to see me here at Boxwood Cottage in the over 7 years that I blog now and I hope that you'll continue do do so!

Wishing you all the very best for an auspicious new year 2013!

xoxo~ Carola

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

White Advent Sunday ~ Holiday Home Tour

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage all decked out for Christmas dear blogging friends and readers on a blisfull white Wednesday! Yes indeed this morning we woke up to fresh fallen snow again.

Dear Tina from the Tiny Bear blog in Denmark told me in the comments under my last post that she missed seeing my white feather tree. I think she was referring to this champagne colored tree which I hadn't yet put out in November, but of course in time for the first of Advent Sundays I had to take it out and I decorated it with all my white cotton batting ornaments, old and new ones this year, The clipped on cotton batting snowmen I made last year and still love them:

Zinc letter stencils are hanging in front of the white mirror. The higher one spells "Frohe Weihnachten" meaning Happy Christmas of course. And I love putting old Christmas cards whereever I find a space at this time of the year, like this sweet girl on her sleigh with a wrapped present in her hand:

I also took out my old champagne colored honeycomb paper bell an etsy find from a few years ago and some honeycomb paper balls that I bought last Summer:

The tiny white shelf is also decked out for the holidays:

Just in time for the first Advent we woke up to this sight last Sunday morning:

 The zinc star wreath and black iron trumpet angel are both hanging outside in front of my parlor room window.

Yes indeed it snowed all morning, such a cosy feeling to stay warm inside the cottage and watch the fresh snow falling outside:

As soon as it got dark in the afternoon I lit all my candles like those on the mantle:

and inside the mantle where the fire should be anyways

Doesn't it look so cosy?

I love the starry lights and stars, one can never have enough stars and snowflakes around during the winter months me thinks. If you read my last post you might remember that my mantle was decorated with a Christmas Winter village but I also told you that I would change that again and put my collection of old silver glass tree toppers on top of the mantle instead. I used old apothecary bottles as tree topper holders.

If you'd like to see more details of my pictures, they are all quite big and you can always right click on the photo and then click on show graphic to see the original size.

Black and White X-MAS spelling mugs in my cupboard above and a huge black star in front of my transom window the room divider between dining room/parlor and kitchen (below):

I also made an Advent calendar this year for my very grown up daughter (24) and she still loves to open a paper bag every day. Since space is rare in my tiny cottage the Advent calendar can only hold 4 days at a time. It's just a plywood board which I painted with black chalkboard paint.

I saw a calendar like this on pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/pin/283515739011458449/  and was inspired to make my own version of it:

I like how you can see the white paper star which hangs on the black wall over my kitchen stove in the mirror (photo above).

Some closer looks of this wall with the mirror of lights and my old trumpets below the Advent calendar:

The brass trumpets do really shine in the candle light!

I think the photo above came out quite interesting, alsmost black and white looking.

I used a tripod to take all of these photos btw.. I tried without it before but all that came out of it were very blurry photos, but by using the tripod to hold the camera steady you can even see all the glitter of the Merry Christmas glass glitter sign which I hung onto the door again:

Of course you have to have Advent wreathes with 4 candles symbolizing every of the four Sundays before Christmas on Advent Sundays, well kind of wreathes anyway lol like the pudding mold I used in the photo below:

I made the number tags for these Vanilla scented candles (photo below) by punching out the shapes of sturdy cardboard which I painted black with my trusty chalkboard paint and then used white chalk to draw on the numbers on by hand:

I have so many candles that I totally forgot to light the first one of these duh me lol

On top of the glass box I put that cute little, very old ,German feather tree that I found at the antique market last season and I adorned it with the cute tiny old German glass Christmas ornaments which I also found last season. Into the gass box I put some of my clear glass baubles:

In the following photo you can see my attempt of making angel wings with wire and old tinsel garlands, which I must admit do look far more than butterfly wings. Gotta work on that shape again lol

And here is a wide view of my parlor in the cosy candle light:

I hung a paper garland on the vintage cupboard spelling C H R I S T M A S

I also took my Christmas pillows on the willow sofa again and hung pretty silver and aqua glass baubles from the chandelier above the seating area:

The old wooden church which I still had on top of my mantle last week now found a new place on top of the white wooden window sill:

Another wider view of what you see when you sit on my willow sofa:

My very favorite decoration this season is the french zinc bottle holder decorated with starry string lights and lots of old silver German glass baubles.

I think the next photo, a close up of the above, is my favorite of this whole Advent Sunday photo shoot:

I so love the old tiny glass wind intruments and the glass bells and of course the glass baubles with the light reflectors inside (photo above) all made over hundred years ago in Lauscha/Thuringia/Germany don't you?

I really hope to come back again with another Christmas post before Christmas but since there are only 19 days left and just incase that things will get crazy around here and I won't make it I'd like to wish to all my dear blogging friends and faithfull readers very


xoxo~ Carola

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