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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some early Valentines & 2 January birthdays 25 + 50

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers at the very end of January. January always is a very busy month around here, because it kinda starts with my daughters birthday and ends with mine. Can't believe she's 25 years old already and even less that I'm the double of her age, well of course I always was, but that new number just sounds so old *EEK*

I also was busy putting all the Christmas decorations away and starting to craft and decorate for Valentine's day as you can see in the picture of a corner of my studio below:

 I just adore vintage paper honeycombs like this pretty red heart and bell (see above) I once got from sweet Ann Perry:

 Of course V is for Valentines!

 As for every season I loved decorating my blackboard in the studio for Valentine's day and since I'm still in the glittering mood I glittered hearts and arrows and cut out cardboard birds:

I also created two new cardboard Valentine's boxes like the pink one below with that sweet lady embellishment I got from Julie Collings etsy shop last year:

and for a change I also created a white Valentine's box. Loved making the arrow from a paper straw:

 Further I embellished these two tiny cardboard houses with Dresden foil trims and borders and some charms as cupid homes:

The cone in the middle of the two glittered love birds also got some red and silver embellishments and I filled it with all things red I could find in my studio. And of course I needed some paper hands for my blackboard vignette:

 My vintage china doll got the glittered top hat already as her New Years attire so for Valentines she needed something new and I soldered her a heart necklace:

Well my dears that's about all for now and next time I'll share with you some of the beautiful birthday gifts I was lucky to get.

So how about you, have you put all signs of Winter and Christmas away already and did you craft something new for the month of hearts?

The weather is very mild here for Winter right now - after two weeks of heavy frost and snow that is - and it now raises falls hopes of an early Spring. As most of you I also can't wait to get back out in the garden.

I wish y'all a very Happy February my dear friends and readers!


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